A 2-Day Training Course Delivered By
Kurt ArcoDr. Joeri De Haes

Dr. Joeri De Haes & Kurt Arco

  • Top experts from Trilations, a strategic marketing consultancy that has been involved in major drug launches in over 40 countries and over 15 therapy areas.
  • Joeri is a former professor of Marketing at Antwerp University and has 10 years of experience in advising major pharma companies on global and European launch programmes for strategic brands.
  • Formerly with MSD (Merck & Co), where he led several major brand launches internationally, Kurt has 15 years of launch experience within big and small pharma/biotech companies. 

By Attending This Course, You Will

  1. Master the major elements and principles of commercial launch excellence in pharma.
  2. Have an in-depth understanding of the 4 launch types and their strategic implications.
  3. Know which market and customer insights are crucial for determining the optimal launch strategy and plan.
  4. Learn how to design the optimal communication and multi-channel/customer interaction strategy for your brand.
  5. Be equipped with a step-by-step roadmap for preparing a successful launch.
  6. Know which stakeholders you should engage in the pre-launch phase, and how to plan for optimal impact.
  7. Be able to assign the different roles and responsibilities of the launch team members, and to build launch capabilities within the organisation.


Why You Should Attend

In the last decade, pharmaceutical companies have seen rapid changes in the market environment for their new brand launches. While austerity measures in many countries are increasing local and national hurdles for market access, drug launches are becoming more numerous, smaller, and more competitive. It has never been more important for pharmaceutical companies to crack the art of launching new products. YOU ONLY CAN DO IT ONCE! 

The Content: The course content builds on the expertise and experience that the experts have accumulated over the last 15 years in advising and implementing major product launches in EMEA across major therapy areas: Oncology (incl. Immunotherapy), Immunology, CNS, CVS and Metabolic Disorders. It covers all concepts and evidence-based tools for effective strategic decision- making and planning in the process up to launch, with a focus on what will determine the brand’s commercial success.

The Experts: The faculty combines academic rigour with best practice within big pharma. Joeri De Haes was formerly a professor of marketing and since 2009 leads a team of pharma market strategy experts that combines in-depth industry knowledge with advanced analytics and team-mobilization skills. He has 10 years of experience in advising major pharma companies on global and European launch programmes for some of their strategic brands. By contrast, Kurt Arco was with MSD (Merck & Co) until recently, where he led several major product launches in many geographical areas and contributed to, and piloted, major marketing & sales excellence projects. Their company Trilations is a strategy consultancy agency that works closely with most of the major pharmaceutical and medical device companies in more than 40 countries worldwide (e.g. Johnson & Johnson, MSD, Roche, Pfizer, Boston Scientific, …).

The Strategy & Planning for Commercial Launch Success in Pharma course is the only available public training course delivered by Joeri De Haes and Kurt Arco on the topic of Commercial Launch in Pharma.



Day 1



Welcome & Audience Expectations


Launch Excellence Fundamentals in Pharma: “From one-size-fits-all to a tailored approach


  • Launching in a changing landscape: key trends and implications
  • Product launch complexity: the 4 strategic launch types and their strategic implications
  • The importance of plotting and planning your company’s entire pipeline for your drug’s launch strategy
  • Drivers of commercial launch excellence
11:15Coffee Break


The Commercial Launch Process: The Road to Success

  • A successful launch is more than fast uptake and peak sales!
  • The key success factors for a successful product launch
  • A roadmap and a handy checklist for a successful commercial launch: timings and responsibilities

Plenary discussion: learning from a launch success and a launch failure within the Oncology market



The Critical Market Insights to Boost Tomorrow’s Brand Performance

  • The 3 critical insights to get the positioning of your brand right, to shape its market and to create the competitive advantage:
    • How to capture the critical market insights using the Market Overview template
    • The critical competitor insights
    • The patient journey: a step by step guide

Plenary discussion: learning from a Hepatitis Drug Patient Journey

15:30Coffee Break


Defining The Core Communication Strategy: Segmentation - Targeting - Positioning

  • The 8-step approach for effective market segmentation, targeting and positioning
  • Critical success factors in designing and implementing a successful segmentation model
  • Hands-on tips & tricks for each step in the segmentation process


Close of Day 1


Group Dinner


Day 2



Group Exercise on Segmentation - Targeting - Positioning


Using a real-life business case within the Immunology market, participants will need to assess an existing segmentation model, identify areas for improvement, prioritise segments, define an appropriate positioning and design an optimal communication strategy by segment


Preparing Key Stakeholders for Launch


  • What your company needs to know prior to launch
  • KOL mapping: identifying the leading physicians and influence networks
  • How to get KOLs and patient associations on board through brand advocacy development
10:15Coffee Break


Designing a Multi-Channel Interaction Launch Strategy


  • The optimal multi-channel strategy framework: How to improve communication efficiency and effectiveness
  • A step-by-step process to determine the optimal channel mix
  • How to make sure your commercial launch team is ready to implement a multi-channel communication strategy


Group Exercise on Multi-Channel Interaction Strategy


Using a real-life business case within Oncology, participants will run through a step-by-step simulation exercise to design a multi-channel interaction strategy for a successful launch



Value: “Price is not a given!”

  • The role of price in marketing communications
  • How to deliver value messages to ensure price is not a given

Coffee Break


Preparing the Cross-Functional Launch Team: Organisational Challenges

  • How to embed structures and processes to ensure unified brand leadership and launch excellence
  • The need for leadership commitment: What resources are needed to guarantee a successful launch?
  • How to prepare the organisation with the Launch Academy and Launch Factory

Group exercise: participants will review 2 company pipelines and will run through a step-by-step exercise to define the optimal launch excellence organisational structure






Learning Methodology

Interactive lectures alternate with group exercises during which you will be able to work on real-life business cases of pharmaceutical launches across a variety of therapy areas.

The group exercises not only enable you to apply the theory and decision-making tools, but also offer the invaluable opportunity to discuss issues and exchange points of view and experiences with your peers from other functions and companies.

One of the most valuable aspects of attending any C.E.L.forpharma course is not only being able to have your specific questions answered by a leading expert, but also having the opportunity to share experiences and have in-depth discussions with your international peers.

infoThe typical audience size of our courses ranges from 6 to 24 (max) participants.

Who Should Attend?

A cross-functional launch team typically consists of executives from Marketing, Sales, Medical, Market Access, External Affairs and Business Intelligence. This course is a must-attend for all members of any cross-functional launch team that needs to launch a brand in the coming 1-3 years. In particular, all executives responsible for building, executing and measuring a launch plan.

As this course is delivered by Dr. Joeri De Haes and Kurt Arco, experts from Trilations - a strategic marketing consultancy, executives from other professional service agencies should request approval prior to registering for this course. Please contact Annelies Swaan, Head of Business Operations, for more information (annelies.swaan@celforpharma.com,  tel +32 (0)2 709 01 42).


Past Participants

As this is the first session of the Strategy & Planning for Commercial Launch Success in Pharma course, there is no past participants list available.



As this is the first session of the Strategy & Planning for Commercial Launch Success in Pharma course, there are no testimonials available.

Dates & Locations

All C.E.L.forpharma courses are held in top-class four or five star hotels situated in easily accessible locations, either close to an international airport or near public transportation links in city centre locations.


  • 14-15 December 2017, Brussels

This course takes place at the Parker Hotel Brussels Airport which is located 5 minutes from Brussels National Airport by complimentary hotel shuttle and 30 minutes by taxi from Brussels South train station (Thalys, TGV, Eurostar).


Address: Bessenveldstraat 15, 1831 Diegem, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 713 66 66


Hotel Booking Assistance

Having built a strong relationship with each hotel, C.E.L.forpharma has secured preferential room rates for our delegates who book their accommodation three weeks or more prior to the course. Upon your registration, we will help you make your hotel booking. For any assistance in this matter please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Nissen, Programme Coordinator (sarah.nissen@celforpharma.com, tel +32 (0)2 709 01 46).

Included in the Registration Fee

  • Course Material (Digital & Print Versions)
  • Coffee, Tea & Refreshments During the Course
  • Lunch During the Course
  • A Group Dinner on the First Day
  • Certificate of Attendance Signed by the Experts


Group Discounts

Team discounts can be offered to 3 or more delegates from the same company. Contact Annelies Swaan, Head of Business Operations, (annelies.swaan@celforpharma.com) for more details.


How to Register

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Transfer & Cancellation Policy

Flexible Transfer

  • If a registrant cannot attend the scheduled course, he/she can avoid any cancellation charge by sending a suitable replacement participant.
  • Alternatively, the registrant can transfer once on a “space available” basis at no extra cost, until 1 week prior to the event, to another course held within one year of the original course date.

Participant Cancellation

  • Cancelling 5 weeks or more prior to the course: cancellation fee of €250.
  • Cancelling 4 to 3 weeks prior to the course: 25% of the invoiced registration fee.
  • Cancelling 14 to 7 working days prior to the course: 50% of the invoiced registration fee.
  • Fewer than 7 working days or if no notification received: registrant liable to pay invoiced registration fee.
  • If a registrant postpones his/her participation to a future course, and cancels again, no refund can be claimed for paid registration fees.

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