Dr. Paul Craddy

 Dr. Paul Craddy & Dr. Graham Foxon

  • Dr. Radek Wasiak and Prof. Dr. Thomas Wilke are thought & business leaders at Cytel, a leading provider of design and implementation services in the field of clinical trials and real-world evidence studies.
  • As Head of Real World and Advanced Analytics business unit, Radek oversees a team of 180+ staff who design, execute, and disseminate RWE and HEOR projects.
  • Thomas has 20+ years of experience in leading and conducting German and international RWE studies. He is Cytel’s Principal Investigator, academic researcher, and author of numerous health economics articles.
  • Thomas and Radek joined CELforPharma’s faculty in 2023 upon recommendation of other Market Access faculty members who applauded them for their RWE expertise.


Learn from from  Dr. Paul Craddy & Dr. Graham Foxon at the below course: