Dr. Silvia Rohr

Dr. Silvia Rohr & Mark Tolboom

  • Dr. Silvia Rohr is Principal at Vintura, a specialised consultancy firm for healthcare and life science companies. She has spent the past eight years supporting teams in grasping the concept of VBHC and taking the first steps towards its implementation. She has been instrumental in (re-)defining the ambition and strategy for VBHC in pharmaceutical companies, as well as bringing these ambitions to fruition. 

  • Mark Tolboom, partner at Vintura, brings over 20 years of healthcare and life sciences management consulting experience. He has successfully guided global pharma companies in integrating VBHC into their operations and has demonstrated the added value it brings.  

  • Silvia and Mark joined CELforPharma’s faculty in 2023 upon recommendation of our faculty as Vintura is seen as a frontrunner consultancy in VBHC.


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