How to Optimise Portfolio Strategy in Pharma for Today AND Tomorrow

4 June 2024, 13:00 - 13:45 PM CET (*) 

Free Educational Webinar 
With Dr. Neal Hansen & Ania Freiha


Getting your portfolio strategy right is crucial to unlock opportunities that drive growth and manage risk. However, portfolio level decision-making can look different based on the timeframe under consideration. 

With multiple brands and candidates at different levels of maturity across markets, the situation can sometimes appear overwhelming. 

Dr. Neal Hansen & Ania Freiha

Where do you focus and what can you deprioritise? 
What can you do to bring structure to your portfolio planning?

In this webinar, Dr. Neal Hansen and Ania Freiha will share insight into driving effective portfolio strategy optimisation across various timeframes:

  • How to personalise portfolio strategy at a country level as a component of near-term portfolio planning

  • How to align investment priorities when considering mid-term portfolio strategy  

  • How to manage uncertainty in the context of portfolio planning for the long term

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About Dr. Neal Hansen and Ania Freiha:

  • Neal is the founder and CEO of Align Strategy, an independent international specialist consultancy focused on advising and facilitating superior decision making in portfolio optimisation, lifecycle management and brand strategy.

  • Ania is a Director at Align Strategy with expertise in the design, management, and delivery of a range of strategic planning and lifecycle management engagements, with a core focus on competitive strategy development and launch readiness planning. 

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